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M/s T.Saifuddin & Company, specialists in: Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories & General Order Suppliers M/s T.Saifuddin & Company, Specialists in: Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories & General Order Suppliers



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Precision Measuring Instruments

Dial Gauge Stand

M/s Aditya

  • Tool Presetter
  • Universal Digital Caliper
  • Dial Gauge Stand
  • Measuring Pin Set
  • Wire Units
  • Slip Gauge Set
  • Square Master, Height Master, Check Master
  • Caliper Checker
  • Internal Microchecker, Depth Microchecker,
  • Micrometer Check Set
  • Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine

Dial Comparators

Precision Micrometer

M/s Mahr Gmbh

Calipers -
Digital Calipers
Dial vernier
Digital height gauge
Digital depth gauge
Micrometers -
Inside micrometers
Depth Micrometers
Indicators / Comparators -
Dial comparators, Dial Indicator,
Test Indicator, Digital dial Indicators,
Mechanical and electronical gauges for internal & external measurement -
Gauge for internal measurements
Gauge for external measurements
Meauring and checking Equipment -
Digital Universal bevel Protractor
Pocket Surf (the portable surface roughness gage)


Digimatic Indicators

M/s Mitutoyo Corporation, Japan

Calipers -
Vernier Calipers
Dial Vernier
Digimatic Vernier
Indicators -
Dial Indicators
Dial Test Indicators
Digimatic Dial Indicators
Micrometers -
Digimatic Micrometer
Indicating Micrometer
Disc Micrometer
Spline Micrometer
ThreadPitch Micrometer
Depth Micrometer
Ball Micrometer
Point Micrometer

Magnetic stands & Bases

M/s Jafuji

Dial Indicator Stands, Comparator Stands-
Maxi Dial Indicator Stand
Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand
Micrometer Stand
Surface Plates
Precision Bench Centre
Heavy Duty High Precision Bench Centre
Push Pull Gauge Stand

Precison Micrometers

M/s Horstmann India Pvt.Ltd.,

Precision Micrometers

Heavy Duty Dial Indicator Stand

Magnetic ' V ' Blocks

M/s Armatech Associates

  • Magnetic 'V' Blocks
  • Magnetic Universal Blcoks
  • Hardened 'V'Blocks
  • Universla 'V' Blocks
  • Tool Room 'V' Blocks
  • Clamp Angle 'V' Blocks Set
  • Magneic Rectangular Blocks Magnetic Sticks
  • Magnetic Vice Pot Magnets
  • Button Magnets
  • Magnetic Seperators
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Sheet Seperator
  • Universal Surface gauges
  • Heavy Duty Surface Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Dial Indicator Stand
  • Magnetic Base
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Basse
  • Parallel Blocks
  • Adjustable Parallels
  • Tool Makers Clamp
  • Precision Angle Plate
  • Transfer Blocks
  • V Type Transfer Block Bevelled Edge Tri Squares
  • Precision Grinding Vice
  • Demagnestiser
  • Sine Tables
  • Compound Sine Table
  • Magnetic Sine Table
  • Compound Magnetic Sine Table


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