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M/s T.Saifuddin & Company, specialists in: Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories & General Order Suppliers M/s T.Saifuddin & Company, Specialists in: Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories & General Order Suppliers



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Hand Tools

Ring Spanners


M/s Hindustan Everest Tools Limited

Single Open End Spanners
Double Open End Spanners
BiHexagon Ring spanners
Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches
Adjustable Wrenches
Pipe Wrenches
Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches
Chain Pipe Wrenches
Slogging Wrench Open End
Deep Offset Slogging Box Wrench
Slogging Wrench Ring End
Torque Wrenches
Water Pump Plier
Box Joint Water Pump Plier
Universal circlip Plier
Diagonal Cutting Plier
Wire Stripping Pliers
Long Nose Plier
Bent Nose Plier
Slip Joint Plier
Vice Grip Plier
Screw Drivers

Circlip Pliers

M/s ORBIS-Werk

Pliers -
Circlip pliers, external, straight nose
Circlip pliers, external, bent nose 90°
Circlip pliers, internal, straight nose
Circlip pliers, internal, bent nose 90°

Pipe Wrenches

Screw Drivers

Masonry Drill Bit
& Starret Saw

JK Files & Tools

(Division of Raymond Limited)


  • Machinists' Files
  • Saw Files
  • Milled Tooth Files
  • Special Purpose Files
  • Forestry Saw Files
  • Diamond Needle Files
  • Needle Files
  • Rasps
  • Circular Saws
  • Hole saws
  • Hammer Drill Bits
  • Masonry Drill Bits
  • Screw Drivers


Pipe Wrenches

M/s Taparia tools

Adjustable spanners
Truck wheel spanners

Combination pliers
Side cutting pliers
Long nose pliers
Screw Drivers
Screw Drivers set
Screw Drivers Ergo
Hammers -
Claw Hammers
Pein Hammers
Insta Grip

Socket accessories
Socket sets
Line Testers
Pipe Wrenches

3 Flute, Long Shank Countersinks

C P Enterprises

' The cutting edge ' for a perfect finish

Blades - Heavy Duty Deburring Blades
Key-way / slot Deburring Blades
Sheet / Rib Deburring Blade,
Telescopic Holder -
Kits, Packing Types ,

Countersink Tools -
3 Flute , Long Shank Countersinks

Torque Wrenches

Torque Limiting Drivers

M/s Britool Limited

  • Tool Kits
  • Tool Boxes
  • Wrenches
  • Torque Wrenches
  • ScrewDrivers
  • Bits
  • Pliers
  • Hexagon & Torx Keys
  • Striking Tools
  • Measuring & Cutting Tools
  • Pipe Working Tools
  • Pullers
  • Automotive Tools
  • Specialist Tools Socketry
  • Impact Socketry and Air Tools

  • Adjustable Gripping Pliers

    Side Cutters

    M/s KNIPEX-Werk

    PLIERS -
    Combination Pliers -
    High Leverage Combination Pliers
    combination Pliers
    Needle Nose Pliers with Cutter -
    Chain Nose Pliers ( Radio Pliers )
    Snipe Nose Pliers ( Stork Beak Pliers)
    Needle Nose and Mechanics ' Pliers -
    Flat Nose Pliers , Round Nose Pliers
    Carpenter's Pincers
    High Leverage Diagonal Cutters and Diagonal Cutting Nippers -
    Diagonal Cutting Nippers ,
    High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Nippers ,
    Electronics Diagonal Cutting Nippers,
    Electronics Super Knips
    Adjustable Gripping Pliers -
    KNIPEX - "COBRA" , KNIPEX - "COBRA..matic"

    Reduction Sleeves(Drill Sleeves)

    Tool Makers Vee Blocks & Clamp

    M/s GROZ Net Industries

    Engineer's Precision Tools -
    - Engineer's Precision Squares
    - Angle Plates-Slotted
    - Tool Makers Vee Blocks & Clamp
    - Micrometer Stand
    - Universal Surface Gauge
    - Dial Comparator Stand

    Vices & Clamps -
    - Milling Machine
    - Wood Working Vice
    - Tool Maker's Vice
    Universal Vice

    D.I.Y ( Do It Yourself ) Tools -
    - Center Punches Heavy Duty
    - Junior Saw Blades
    - Paint Mixers
    - Chisels
    - Brick Bolsters
    - Wrecking Bars

    - Belt Punch Plier

    Lubrication Equipment -
    - "Medium Duty" Lever Grease Gun
    - Push Type Grease Guns
    - Button Head Couplers
    - High Pressure Grease Pump
    - Hydraulic Swivels
    - Rotary Barrel Pumps

    Industrial Tools -
    - Reduction Sleeves(Drill Sleeves)
    Extension Socket
    - Drill Chuck Arbors
    - Knurling Tool Holders
    - Wheel Dressers
    - Universal Tilting Tables

    Etching Pencil

    M/s Phoenix Enterprises

    Stainless Steel Rules (Metric & English)

    Stainless Steel Degree Protractor ( D-Head)

    M/s Kristeel - Shinwa Industries Limited

    Stainless Steel Rules -
    Flexible metric & english ,
    Metric & English , Metric only,
    Narrow flexible rules metric only,
    Square ended-metric or English ,
    Direct conversion metric & english square -ended ,
    office & school rule metric & english ,
    Pocket clip rule-combination depth metric & english
    Folding Rules
    Printer's Em Rules
    Contraction (Shrinkage) Rules
    Signature Series Rules
    Steel Protractor
    Engineering Gauges & Tools -
    Depth gauge ,
    Depth gauge cum protractor ,
    Caliper gauge ,
    Screw cutting gauge ,
    Universal gauge,
    Twist drill gauge rules ,
    Radius gauge ,
    Drill gauge ,
    Taper gauge ,
    Bore gauge
    Engineering Gauge & Tools -
    Circumference gauge ,
    Combination tri & mitre square ,
    Spirit level , Plain engineer's square ,
    Flat based engineer's square ,
    Straight edge,
    Straight edge with bevel
    Special Purpose Rules

    Manual Clamps

    M/s Steel-Smith

    Toggle Clamps
    Toggle Pliers
    Cam Action Clamps
    Pneumatic Power Clamps
    Hydraulic Power Clamps