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Precision Measuring Instruments
Machine Tool Accessories
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Thread Gauges

M/s Horstmann India Pvt. Ltd.

world class thread gauges

Thread Gauges -
Metric - Go & not go thread plugs / rings
B.S.P. - Go & not go thread plugs / rings
N.G.T. - Taper thread plugs
N.P.T. - Taper thread plugs / rings
B.S.P.T. - Taper thread plugs / rings
Unified - Go & not go thread plugs / rings

Adjustable Snap Gauge

M/s Aditya

- Adjustable Snap Gauge
- Micro Snap Gauge
- Dial Snap Gauge
- Height Gauge

Digital Dial Gauges

M/s Baker Gauges India Limited (BMI Division)

Digital calipers -
High Precision Stainless Steel Calipers
Light & Handy Super Polyamide Caliper
Digital Dial Gauges

Plunger type dial guages
Lever type dial guages

Gauge for external

M/s Mahr

Gauge for internal measurements 838 TI
Gauge for external measurements 838 TA
Electronical Gauges for
internal measurements 838 EI

Electronical Gauges for
external measurements 838 EA

Popular Model

M/s Imada Company, Ltd.

Mechanical Force Gauge
Digital Force Gauge
Test Stands -
Manual stand, Manual lever operation stand,
Manual handle operation stand,
Manual handle and lever operation stand ,
Mortorized stand , Mortorized horizontal stand,
wire harness pull tester
Torque Gauges -
Hand held torque gauge
Desktop torque gauge

Desktop force amplifiers and load cells

Electronic Coating Thickness Gauges (345 Models-Basic Plus)

Electronic Coating Thickness Gauges (300 Models - Basic)

M/s Elcometer

Electronic Coating Thickness Gauges-
Basic Plus , Std Plus, Top Memory
Surface Preparation -
Digital Profile Gauge , Mechanical Profile Gauge , Surface Roughnes Gauge, Surface Thickness Gauge
Wet Film -
Wet Film Comb, Wet Film Wheel
Gloss - Micro-gloss , TRI-gloss , Abrasion Testing Sets
Inspectors Accessories -
Protective Coatings Inspection, Inspection Mirrors, Illuminated Magnifier
Electronic Modular Measurement Systems
Adhesion -
Mechanical Adhesion Tester , Hydraulic Adhesion Tester,Cross Hatch Cutter , Cross Hatch Template
Porosity - Portable Holiday Detector , Pin Hole Detector
Climate Monitoring -
Magnetic thermometer, Digital thermometer,
Dewmeter, Whirling hygrometer, Sling hygrometer, Psychro-Dyne hygrometer

Coatmeter and Coatgauge

M/s AA Industries


M/s Advance

  • Plain Plug Gauges
  • Plain Ring Gauges
  • Snap Gauges
  • Taper Gauges
  • Setting Masters
  • Measuring Pins
  • Keyway width Gauges
  • Special Gauges
  • Plain Setting Masters
  • Plain Ring
  • Plain Plugs


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