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Specialists in: Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories & General Order Suppliers



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Machine Tool Accessories

Knurling Tools

M/s Rapid Machining Technologies P. Ltd.

Knurling Tools -

No.100/2 -
for use with bench lathe, with selfcentering head
No.101 - for use with bench lathe
No. 101/2 - for use in automatic machines

Collet Adaptor

Revolving Centres
M/s Stribeck

Machine Tool Accessories

  • Revolving Centres
  • Gear
  • Keyless Drill Chuck
  • Pipe Centres
  • Dead Centres
  • Reduction Sleeves
  • Collet Adaptors
  • Reduction Milling Sockets
  • Extension Sockets
  • MITR/R8 Toolings
  • SPL Tooling for SPM
  • Long Milling Arbors
  • Stub Arbors
  • Milling Collets

  • CNC Toolings

    • Face Mill Arbor (FMB)
    • Shoulder Cutter Arbor (FMC)
    • MTA & MTB Adaptor
    • Stub Arbor (SCA)
    • Shell End Mill Arbor (SMS)
    • Collet Chucks
    • Side Lock Holders Type A,TypeB
    • Drill Chuck Adaptor ( Din & Jacob)
    • Morse Taper Socket (DSA)
    • Pullstud

    ToolMaker's Vice
    with swivel base

    Unique Precision Milling Machine Vice J & S Type (England)

    M/s Unique


  • Mechanic 's Bench Vice,
  • Twin Guide Super Value Machinist's Vice,
  • Tool Maker's Vice with Bronze nut,
  • Super Heavy Duty Bench Vice ,
  • Shaper Vice
  • Tilting & Swivelling Vice,
  • Universal Machine Vice,
  • Super Milling Machine Vice
  • Milling Machine Vice
  • Precision Milling Machine Vice J & S Type
  • Precison Tilting and Swiviling Vice J & S Type
  • Compound Sliding Tables
  • Rotary Milling Tables
  • Super Drill Machine Vice
  • Drill Vice
  • Tilting Table,
  • Precision Machine Vice
  • 3 Way Universal Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice

  • Pipe Wrenches


    - Click Type Torque Wrenches
    - Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches

    Reversible Tapping Attachments

    M/s Tools & Appliances Corporation (TACO)

    Self-Opening Die-Heads -
    - Model SDH ( Stationary type ) for high precision snap threading

    Automatic Reversible Safety Tapping Attachments -Model TC
    - Die-Holders - Model DH / Model NRTC
    - Collet for HR model / Tap Adaptor for HRF model

    Dead Centre
    (Carbide Tipped Point)

    Drill Sleeve

    M/s Trumax Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.

    Revolving Centre

    Plain Male Point
    Carbide Tipped Point
    High Speed Centres
    Drill Sleeve,
    T-Tap Wrench

    Dead Centre
    Plain Male Point
    Carbide Tipped Point C.T.Special
    Extention Socket
    Threaded Arbour
    Spare Points
    Turret Socket
    Lathe Sleeve

    Milling Collet Adaptor
    (Collet chuck)
    Stub Milling Arbour(Face mill arbour)
    Drill Chuck Arbour

    Milling Reduction Socket
    Side Lock Holder

    Precision Grinding Vice (model AC)

    Precision Grinding Vice
    (model HS)
    M/s Madhukar Engg. Components

    Precision Grinding vice
    Angular Clamping
    Horizontal Screw Clamping
    Mini Vice with Holder
    Sine , Swivel & Combination Vice
    Sine Vice
    Swivel Vice
    Combination Vice
    Unit Vice (for milling & CNC machine)
    Bench vice
    Magnetic Sine Table

    Wirecut Clamping Kit
    Inspection Table

    Keyless Drill Chucks & Arbors

    M/s Kalpana tools & appliances pvt. ltd.

    NC Drill Chuck

    • BT Shank NC Drill Chuck
    • CT Shank NC Drill Chuck
    • ISO 40 Shank NC Chuck ( OTT MAHO)
    • NC Drill Chuck - Short Length Design

    Production Programme -

    KTA Tap Adaptor

    KTA Quick Change Drilling and
    Tapping Chuck

    KTA Tapping Attachment

    KTA Quick Change Tapping Chuck

    KTA Keyless Drill Chucks & Arbors

    Turno chucks

    M/s Turno Chucks

    - AS Type Chucks
    - All Types of Bearing Rings Turning Chucks

    Quick Change Chuck & Adaptors

    M/s Indmech Industrial Corporation

    - Quick Change Tapping Chuck
    - Universal Quick Change Chuck & Adaptors


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